What makes Insync different?

Insync caters to power and business users who have different needs from the average consumer — needs that are not being fulfilled by Google Drive.

Insync is here to fulfill those needs.

Meet the team behind Insync

  • Terence Pua Co-founder, CEO
  • Marte Soliza Co-founder, CTO
  • Jomel Imperio Craftsman
  • Luis Pugoy Craftsman
  • Mark Steve Samson Craftsman
  • Charyl Genterola Marketing
  • Brett Hartshorn Craftsman
  • Emanuel Calso Craftsman
  • Join us!

If you want to work in Manila or Singapore, can code and want to join a startup, email us at jobs@insynchq.com

For press inquiries, contact press@insynchq.com